Sunset Garage – Steel Window Rehabilitation


Name: Sunset Garage – Steel Window Rehabilitation

Location: North Bend, Washington
Cost: $300,000 (construction)
Size: 20,000 SF
Completion Date: 2014

The 1929 Sunset Garage remains is a legacy structure from the historic Sunset Highway era (1915-1940) illustrating a functional transition from livery stable to garage. Replacing a livery stable, the 2 story Art Moderne-influenced heavy timber and concrete walled structure served as a gas station, garage, and sales facility. A contributing feature in the North Bend Historic District, the building boasts original Egyptian-styled, engaged columns of concrete around the display windows. To be converted into suitable office space, the steel window system required extensive rehabilitation to make it weatherproof and preserve the historic building fabric. Richaven conducted an in depth condition assessment of the window systems throughout the building, prioritized repairs in conjunction with the restoration contractor, and secured grant funding to support the project. Additional research was completed to determine the original configuration of the storefront at the ground floor of the building.