At the core of Richaven’s philosophy and project is experience on historic preservation projects.  We take historic preservation in a broad sense to include work rehabilitating, restoring, and renovating existing buildings.  A building does not have to be historically significant to be valued by their community.  Designation of a landmark does not mean that a building is frozen in time.  We believe that the Secretary’s Standards give a framework through which to view work on a building which is respectful of it’s historic nature.

Our renovation, rehabilitation, and renovation projects include:

Anderson Park – Stone Wall Investigation – Condition Assessment

The Auditorium Theatre – Restoration and rehabilitation

Baima House (Pacific Coast Coal Company House #75) – Building Condition Assessment & Planning

Camp Murray – Building Condition Assessment & Maintenance Plan

Camp Waskowitz – Rehabilitation

Chicago Transit Authority, 43rd Street Station – Rehabilitation

Chicago Transit Authority, 47th Street Station – Rehabilitation

Chicago Transit Authority, Ashland & Lake Street Station – Restoration and rehabilitation

Chicago Transit Authority, Redline Revisioning – Renovation

Clarks Creek Hatchery – Rehabilitation

Crown Hill Center – Rehabilitation

DePaul University – Renovation

UW Guggenheim Hall – Renovation and rehabilitation

Jefferson Park Golf Course Clubhouse – Designation

Libbey House – Building Condition Assessment

Manor House – Documentation of a Mid-Century Modern Residence

Martindale-Kvisvik Chicken House – Restoration

Old Woodinville School – Rehabilitation

The Oliver Typewriter Building – Restoration and rehabilitation

On The Boards Theater – Building Condition Assessment and Maintenance Plan

The Oriental Theatre – Restoration and rehabilitation

The Palace Theatre – Restoration and rehabilitation

Puget Sound Plaza – Rehabilitation

Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church – Renovation

Renton Memorial Stadium – Renovation

Shorewood High School – Rehabilitation

Skyline High School – Rehabilitation

South Lake Union Naval Reserve Armory – Section 106 Review

St. Edwards Seminary – Rehabilitation

Sunset Garage – Steel Window Rehabilitation

Templeton Insurance – Rehabilitation

University Heights Community Center – Building Condition Assessment and Master Planning

University of Saint Mary of the Lake – Restoration

The Uptown Theatre – Restoration and rehabilitation

UW Guggenheim Hall – Restoration and rehabilitation

Vashon Residence – Rehabilitation

The Warner Theatre – Restoration and rehabilitation