Anderson Park – Stone Wall Investigation


Name: Anderson Park – Stone Wall Investigation

Location: Redmond, Washington
Cost: $7,000
Size: 1000 SF (10’ x 100’ site area)
Completion Date: 2016

Redmond’s Anderson Park is listed on the Washington and national registers of Historic Places and is a City of Redmond landmark historically significant for it’s association with the WPA era. The 1938 project is comprised of several buildings and mortared round river rock stone walls, all of which are designated as contributing features of the site.

Investigation of the stone walls was ordered because of concern that a directionally bored fiber optic cable veered under the wall and was thought to be undermining the wall resulting in settlement of the stones and development of cracks between stones and mortar joints. Initial testing with a T-probe did not locate voids, so ground penetrating radar was used. Three major voids were located but determined not to be related to the directional boring due to their size, shape, location, and configuration. Further research indicates that an underground stream is present in the vicinity and is suspected of leading to the observed settlement.