Washington Military Department – Building Condition Assessments & Maintenance Plans

The Camp Murray Administration Building. Copyright, Richaven PLLC, 2020.

Name: Camp Murray Building Condition Assessment & Maintenance Plan

Locations: Camp Murray, Centralia, and Snohomish, Washington
Size: 5 Buildings (Building 1 – Administration Building, Building 2 – The Arsenal, and Building 24 – Offices (former residence), Centralia Armory, and Snohomish Armory
Completion Date: 2016-2018

The historic Army National Guard Base at Camp Murray includes several National Register eligible buildings dating to the late 19th and early 20th century, including the 1928 Administration Building (Building 1), the 1916 Arsenal (Building 2), and 1927 Cottage (Building 24), as well as other structures such as the circa 1927 concrete horse trough. Building 1 and 2 are considered significant for their role in early cavalry operations and territorial management as well as their Mission style architecture. Building 24 was constructed from a kit developed by the Tumwater Lumber Company (Kit #10).

Each of the buildings was selected for the variety of building materials and deterioration mechanisms in order to develop not only assessment of the most significant buildings, but also to develop technical guidance for maintenance and future capital projects. In addition to assessing the condition of each of the buildings, technical articles pertaining to the materials and modes of deterioration were researched and provided to Camp Murray Staff to assist in their management of these historic resources.