Baima House (Pacific Coast Coal Company House #75) – Building Condition Assessment and Planning

Name: Baima House Building Condition Assessment

Location: Newcastle, WA
Cost: $15,000
Size: n/a
Completion Date: 2013-2016

The Baima House is one of the last remaining company house structures from the coal mining era in Newcastle. Also known as Pacific Coast Coal Company House #75, this City of Newcastle Landmark consists of the main house and three accessory buildings (the Honeymoon House, the Tool Shed, and the Wash Shed). The main house was built in the 1880s and moved to it’s current location prior to 1902 based upon map analysis. The accessory buildings were all built in the early 1900s. The plank construction technique used on all buildings was common for Company Houses of the time. Several additional buildings potentially dating from the same era were documented including the mining office, dynamite shed, a double outhouse, and other significantly altered structures.

Richaven performed a detailed condition assessment of the structures to determine if they could be relocated to allow development of the property while preserving this critical part of Newcastle history.