On The Boards Theater – Building Condition Assessment & Maintenance Planning


Name: On the Boards Theater Building Condition Assessment

Location: Seattle, Washington
Cost: $8,000
Size: 35,000 SF
Completion Date: 2009

The On the Boards Theater (OtB), a nationally recognized leader in contemporary performance art, had been operating well, but it’s growing revenue could not cover the increasing expenses and had no financial reserves. OtB was selected in a competitive process by the Non-Profit to participate in their Mid-sized Presenting Organizations Initiative which included technical and management support to help meet their long terms goals. A significant part of this program included management of the building they purchased in 1988. A thorough building condition assessment was completed to determine building systems needing repair and the remaining life expectancy. The end result was an overall maintenance plan that quantified the financial obligations of deferred and ongoing maintenance and supported fund-raising and long term planning for building maintenance and capital projects. As a result, OtB is 100% debt free and has developed significant operating and building reserve funds.

Project completed while at Bassetti Architects.