Washington State Heritage Barn Advisory Committee


Name:  Selected Projects from the Washington State Heritage Barn Advisory Committee

Location:  Various locations across Washington State
Size:  Over 685 designated Heritage Barns; 15 to 20 barns receive grants each year
Cost:  $300,000 to $1 million in grant funds per year
Completed: 2007-2017

These projects are a selection of projects that were funded through the Washington Heritage Barn Advisory Committee.  Mr. Rich is a founding member of the committee and involved for the last several years.  The Committee has developed and implemented policy, guidelines and technical information for owners of agricultural buildings wishing to acknowledge the heritage of their farms.  The Committee also developed and implemented a grant program for bricks and mortar rehabilitation of these treasures.  A key element of the program is the simple 2 page designation form that was developed in order to keep the threshold for preservation low.  Another key to the program is the bi-lateral support of the program from both democrats and republicans in the Washington Senate and House of Representatives.  With a small amount of funding, these owners have been able to effect amazing results!

Images courtesy of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.