UW NanoEngineering & Sciences Building


Name: UW NanoEngineering & Sciences Building

Location: Seattle, Washington
Cost: $53 Million (construction)
Size: 78,000 SF
Completion Date: 2017

Designed by ZGF Architects and constructed by Hoffman Construction, the NanoEngineering and Sciences Building is phase 2 of a 168,000 SF complex specifically equipped for the performance of organic, inorganic and biomolecular synthesis. Designed for low vibrations and electromagnetic interference (EMI), the UW and Sound Transit negotiated a $43 million-dollar agreement to mitigate light rail impacts. With 43,000 SF of research space and 8,300 SF learning space, flexible spaces were needed to support changing equipment, research and faculty. Achieving energy-efficiency and a LEED Gold Certified research lab is very challenging due to safety and programmatic requirements. The NanoES building is a naturally ventilated laboratory to reduce air changes by 40% as well as phase change materials, and chilled water cooled chilled beams and chilled sails to provide temperature controls.

Mr. Rich supported the primary construction manager while working at the University of Washington as a Construction Manager.