UW Montlake Triangle – W Monument


Name: UW Montlake Triangle – W Monument

Location: Seattle, Washington
Cost: $250,000 (construction)
Size: 300 SF
Completion Date: 2016

Thanks for the UW Class of 1963, the UW has a new bronze “W” to compliment the one on the north end of campus. The monument was first mocked up with a full sized plywood W. The permanent one is fabricated out of bronze plates over a tube steel frame.

This challenging project overcame several issues such as metal plate warping as you weld the bronze to the frame, uneven welds throughout the seams and the most challenging of all, the patina finish applied to the bronze to give it that antiqued look. Installation was also a challenge due to the unique location. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well as power lines and trolley power feeds complicated the installation.

This project was completed while working at the University of Washington as a Construction Manager.