UW West Campus Utility Plant


Name: UW West Campus Utility Plant

Location: Seattle, Washington
Cost: $44.2 Million (Total Cost)
Size: 17,000 SF
Completion Date: 2017

The 17,000 SF West Campus Utility Plant is the first Envision-certified higher education project in the country, achieving Gold level certification. When fully built out, the fully automated plant will have capacity to produce 12 megawatts of emergency power and 10,500 tons of chilled water. The first successful major Progressive Design-Build project completed by the UW, infrastructure improvements included emergency power feeder cable replacements, chilled water piping expansion and connections across campus, and steam and condensate work requiring several shutdowns impacting between 6 and 70 buildings on campus. A highly visible building, WestCUP is at a busy gateway to the UW campus and an opportunity to showcase UW’s commitment to the environment and energy conservation. Large windows at the ground level serve as a portal into the behind the scenes processes and 12 LED screens show an interpretive element.

This project was completed while working at the University of Washington as a Construction Manager.