Camp Waskowitz

Name – Camp Waskowitz Renovation for the Highline School Dostrict

Location:  North Bend, Washington



Completed:  2008

Camp Waskowitz was founded in 1947 by a group led by future superintendent Carl Jensen.  Waskowitz Outdoor School is recognized as a leader in the field of residential outdoor education and serves the students of the Highline Schools, as well as students from surrounding schools and districts.

Camp Waskowitz was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in 1935 at its present location and was named Camp North Bend.  After the CCC was disbanded, the Camp was sold and later renamed after Fritz Waskowitz, a football player and captain at the University of Washington.  Highline School District began sending students to Waskowitz in 1947 and later bought the property in 1957.   Superintendent Jensen and the Highline School District made additional purchases of surrounding land that increased the Camp Waskowitz acreage to its present 372 acres.  Today, Camp Waskowitz is a State and National Historic Preservation site and is one of only two remaining CCC Camps in the United States with all of the original buildings still standing.  Since the inception of the Outdoor Education program in 1947, over 200,000 students have experienced this school in the woods.

This project included renovation of the kitchen and dining hall for the camp as well as replacement of the water tank and an outbuilding.





Images courtesy of Bassetti Architects.  Technical and preservation design work completed by Brian Rich at Bassetti Architects.