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Webinar: Future-Proofing & Catalyzing Business Agility

Monday, July 29, 2019 @ 12:00 noon EST. http://catalyzingbusinessagility.com/community/#BR

Recently, the founder of the Catalyzing Business Agility website forum, Sinan Si Alhir) invited Mr. Rich to talk about Future-Proofing and the elements in this philosophy that are common with business agility.

Catalyzing Business Agility is a forum where, “in the spirit of community, we invite a kaleidoscope of perspectives that span clients, coaches/consultants, authors, and influencers across industries/domains and vantage points to explore their individual experience with Business, Agility, Business Agility, Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Execution, Technology, Transformation, and Digital Transformation.”

Here, Lynn Stafford has defined business agility as “your company’s ‘preventative health care regimen’ intended to promote sustained growth and strengthen organizational immunity to ward off cold sores and nasty, market hangovers.” The connection here is that the Principles of Future-Proofing are also a preventive care program for the built environment. The Principles can also be applied in the context of your business.

James Key Lim describes business agility as “the ability to adapt to change in a way that allows the business to survive and thrive.”

Barbara Trautlein asks “Are we able to deftly respond to changes in our environment? Do we sense what’s happening externally and proactively seek to learn and grow in new directions? Are we simultaneously able to remain true to our core — keep pointing true north — while keeping pace with change — dynamic homeostasis? Do we wisely discern between reinvention and stability

Attend the webinar to find out more: Monday, July 29, 2019 @ 12:00 noon EST. http://catalyzingbusinessagility.com/community/#BR

Overcommitteed? Aren’t We All!

Overcommitteed.  No this isn’t a misspelling!  “Overcommitteed” is the term I’ve just developed and come to use to describe the phenomena of being committed to too many different committees, regardless of whether it’s in our personal lives, professional lives or in our personal lives.

Today we find such meaning in the use of our expertise to help others that many of us would rather donate their time than their hard earned cash.  Of course, there are many organizations that are looking for the expertise that we can provide to support them.  I’ve been intensely interested in historic preservation – and so I volunteer a lot of my time and expertise to historic preservation organizations.  The value to these organizations is that they don’t necessarily have to hire an outside expert to get quick information on a particular issue.  I can provide it for them quickly and confidently at no expense.

So why do we do this?  The value to the volunteers is that they gain specific real world experience that bolsters their career in a meaningful way and allows them to work in areas of interest.  The trick to being successful in the volunteer world is to carefully manage your commitments so that you really do have the time to offer.  Look for well run committees and ways to be highly effective in committees.  A well run committee:


1. Has a clearly  agenda and purpose

2. Has completed work outside of meeting times to prepare for the meeting,

3. Is well managed (on time, leader keeps the focus on issues at hand)

4. Includes highly involved, committed members


Are you overcommitteed?

Richaven Principal, Brian Rich, Selected to the UW Husky 100

The University of Washington’s Husky 100 is an honor celebrating 100 students who are leaders on- and off-campus, committed to a discovery mindset, ready for what’s next, and connect the dots between personal, professional, and volunteer service.  Brian D. Rich, Principal of Richaven PLLC, creator of the Principles of Future-Proofing, and a UW graduate student, was selected to be a member of the 2016 Husky 100.

More information is available at:



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